Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Time Is It?... SUMMER TIME!

So I'm on summer break now! This means I can forget the quadratic formula ever existed because I can promise every math teacher ever that it is the most useless of math formulas and I will never use it in the "REAL WORLD." It also means that I actually have time to do things and one of those things is to edit because I have seriously been slacking. Well, not really slacking so much as NOT DOING ANY EDITING EVER SINCE LIKE MARCH!

Here's the plan (other than a school wide dance number with Disney stars):
20 Chapters = 2 days per chapter
Done first round of edits around the first week of August
Rest of summer to do a second round of edits
Hopefully have something presentable come September

It might seem a little crazy or maybe A LOT crazy but this is the only way I ever get anything done, ridiculous plans that disregard any hope I have at sanity. I want to finish this whole thing by the new year so I can move on with other writing projects so it's now or never.

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